Antonin Artaud und der gute Mensch von Rodez

Antonin Artaud und der gute Mensch von Rodez

Sylvère Lotringer im Gespräch mit Gaston Ferdière

Sylvère Lotringer

Cover artwork by Franz West.

72 pages, 9 illustrations b/w, German, 210 x 120 mm, Paperback


ISBN 3-85160-026-6

€ 11,30 [A]

€ 11,00 [D]

Conversations between the psychiatrist Ferdière, who in 1943 brought Artaud from the occupied Paris to Rodez, and the philosopher Sylvère Lotringer. Disclosures and corrections of the "Case Artaud" in an investigative, analytically led discussion about the situation in psychiatry in France during the war and post-war period. The conversation also covers the electric shock therapy Artaud was treated with in Rodez, and the incredible literary and artistic burst productivity of Artaud during his last years of life. Fresh perspectives on the “Affair Artaud”.