Der Ficker

Der Ficker

No. 2

Benedikt Ledebur

Contributions by the artists Clegg&Guttmann, Muntean&Rosenblum, Rudolf Polanszky, Tamuna Sirbiladze and Franz West.

German / English, ca. 350 pages, 23 x 15 cm, many illustrations, paperback


ISBN 3-85160-076-2

€ 32,90 [A]

€ 32,00 [D]

Texts by Peter Cole, Ann Cotten, Franz Josef Czernin, Oswald Egger, Brigitta Falkner, Martin Guttmann, Barbara Köhler, Benedikt Ledebur, Andrew Lugg, Monika Rinck, Ferdinand Schmatz, Severin Schroeder, Ilse Somavilla, Ulf Stolterfoht and Oswald Wiener

The yearbook “Der Ficker” is appearing in its second edition. It was conceived last year by Franz West, Clegg & Guttmann, Benedikt Ledebur and Rudolf Polanszky as a philosophical-poetic, artistic, new edition of the famous Innsbruck “Brenner”. In this year’s edition the circle of artists and authors influenced by Wittgenstein has been expanded. In April 2006 the Wittgenstein Haus in Vienna will serve as the venue for events (exhibition, lecture series) accompanying the publication of the new “Ficker”.