Heritage Learning Matters

Heritage Learning Matters

Museums and Universal Heritage.

Hadwig Kraeutler

Proceedings of the ICOM/CECA 07 Conference

Engl., 356 p., 15 x 23 cm, numerous b&w images, paperback with cover


ISBN 978-3-85160-131-2

€ 38,00 [A]

€ 37,00 [D]

With contributions by Graham Black, Lida Branchesi, Fiona Cameron, Elaine Heumann Gurian, Eilean Hooper-Greenhill, Lynda Kelly, Feng-ying Ken, Eva M. Reussner, Michel Vallée, W. Richard West, Jr. und Henrik Zipsane.

The volume presents about 50 contributions to the conference ICOM / CECA ’07 (Committee for Education and Cultural Action within the International Council of Museums) in Vienna 2007. Themes: Museology and Heritage Learning – Public institutions for personal learning; Measuring and demonstrating the impact of museum learning; Training for and conveying the value of museum education and heritage learning.