Himalayan Vernacular

Himalayan Vernacular

Carl Pruscha

with a foreword by Charles Correa

160 pages, numerous illustrations, English, 210 x 220 mm, Paperback

2004 no longer available

ISBN 3-85160-038-X

€ 32,90 [A]

€ 32,00 [D]

out of print

The Austrian architect Carl Pruscha served as UNESCO consultant for regional planning in Nepal from 1964 to 1974. His latest book documents the vernacular architecture and traditional landscaping in various regions (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan). It is first and foremost a manifesto of a modern architecture - for an architecture in which the geo-morphological and climatic conditions, the cultural and religious customs and the traditional architectural solutions and landscaping are perceived in all their complexity and integrated. The volume offers photographs and texts that present a number of "case studies" as well as Pruscha's own building activity in Nepal.