Martin Prinzhorn. Schriften zu Kunst und Architektur

Martin Prinzhorn. Schriften zu Kunst und Architektur

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Diedrich Diederichsen, Sylvia Liska, Albert Oehlen, Florian Pumhösl and Martha Stutteregger (ed.)

German, 228 pages, 13 × 21 cm, softcover

November 2017

ISBN 978-3-903172-12-8

€ 19,80 [A]

€ 19,30 [D]

The Viennese linguist Martin Prinzhorn, who taught at the Pasadena School of Design, has been a friendly companion to artists since the 1980s and a well-versed and inventive observer and commentator of their works. His essays on art and architecture are sparked by philosophical, terminological, or historical questions (“Does he lie when he says he’s lying, this Zobernig?”), elaborate precise concepts from the depths of problem conglomerations, clarify complex situations, and thus unfold a stage of theories, where the minutest details of his artists’ works begin to shine: Oehlen, Kippenberger, Zobernig, West, Baldessari, Frances Stark, Liz Larner, Renée Green, Sarah Lucas, Jutta Koether, Esther Stocker, Kathrin Plavčak, Jabornegg & Pálffy, and many more. Sporting long exposures and sharp contours, these texts are batteries for anyone’s theory toolkit.