west / bretterbauer

gilbert bretterbauer

german, 128 pages approx., 22 × 22 cm, numerous illustrations in color, hardcover

november 2019


€ 26,00 [a]

€ 25,30 [d]

on june 12 i in cooperation with hauser & wirth / david zwirner will present UNLIMITED, the large-scale joint work “test” (between f. west & myself) that was shown in l.a. at the time and is now no longer extant in this form, in a completely new version at art basel. this “reawakening” of one of the most essential works harbors great potential, so much so that i plan to render it into a small publication. comprising photographs of all new covers and a text i wrote (as you can imagine). i already have a raw draft this text, but it will still take me a while to complete. in it, i describe my collaboration with west in connection with the events and circumstances surrounding the project. it can be expected to be brash, funny, sarcastic, even a little nasty. i think west’s spectrum can definitely tolerate my perspective . . . he is praised by everyone, but no one mentions his abysses. i myself owe him so much & in a certain sense i loved him. it is for this very reason that it seems legitimate to me to sound more intimate notes. authentic, in my style.
(gilbert bretterbauer)