Michael S. Riedel

Ed. by Wilfried Kühn and Galerie Senn, Wien

German, 312 pages, various images in b/w , 26,5 x 26,5 cm, softcover


ISBN 978-3-85160-086-5


Parallel to his exhibitions and actions Michael S. Riedel edits texts, posters and books. In his latest publication he collects recordings and photos of various actions from recent years – travesties, appropriations, fakes of texts, exhibition situations, events. Riedel was a co-founder of the Oskar-von-Miller-Straße 16 in Frankfurt a.M., centre for event and action transfer in an art context. TIRALA is the very representative first edition of a magazine accompanying a TOUR, which as a remake of an internationally known art journal by all means instils false confidence. Also a "momentary monument".