Simone Carneiro

Text by Roland Schöny and a soliloquy by the artist / graphic design: Ismini Adami

German/English, 88 pages, 16.5 × 23.5 cm, numerous color and b/w images, hardcover

August 2022


€ 19,80 [A]

€ 19,30 [D]

Deriving from various media sources, Simone Carneiro’s works rise from the depths of the electronic realm. At their core, they are structured algorithmically, unfolding along coordinates of the abstract. Here, chance plays an important role and the creation process often leads us to unpredictable dimensions. She uses processes of online mass communication as her framework. With crowd sourced questions sent out into the echochambers of the Internet, she sets a game in motion where linguistically determined strings of characters are translated into pictorial structures.
Simone Carneiro is a cross-media artist who combines different working methods, media of expression and technologies including painting, collage, video, animation, installation, audiovisual performance as well as old and new printing techniques. She lives and works in Vienna.